Sorry for the long delay between the posts.

I was right in the middle of some changes in my life and my job.

Things developed pretty well and I got the chance to proof, what I am able to do if you unleash me.

After many years as developer, banker, IT Support and last but not least, as a pentester, it was time for me for something new. For that, I had to change from a regular pentester to a manager.

Yes, I changed the side from “being able to do it myself” to “let me see who could do it better”.

And no, it is not easier for me now. I have to manage, coordinate and consolidate a huge amount of pentests and the results of them. To understand everything starting from the business need, over the developmend cycle, to the production state enables me to adress and fix issues.

I am happy, that I fucked up last year during an other job interview. The company I am now working for, is giving me the chance to proof myself. And finally, I can learn new things. This is what drives me. Money is one part of the motivation, but after over seven years of pentesting, it became to an assembly line job.

The thing I learned from the last two years is:

You can’t change the company, but you can change yourself!