A few days ago, my family doctor grounded me. The reason was a starting loos of hearing.

Work and stress, based on my job and personal things, generated to much pressure.

Even with the knowledge what could happen, I ignored the warnings from my body and pushed me further and over my personal limits.

Having one ear reduced to only 80% of his capacity and loosing the hearing of the other ear for a few days made me think about a few things.

What puts stress on me and what do I have to change to get rid of it?

One of these things is my weekly security blogpost. Each of it costs me time, I do not have since a few months. This means, that for now and propably for ever, this will be me last weekly recurring blogpost.

One other thing is to give less fucks for the bullshit, others pulls out of their sleve. I can not rescue this world. I only can do my job as good as neccessary. And sometimes “good enough” has to be “good enough”.

And this bothers me the most… I allways reach for more, because this is how I have been razzed.

To make things short… It was good as long as it worked out for me, but now I have to quit to ensure my personal health.

You can’t change the world, but you can change yourself!