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All mentioned security tools can be found here:


Home of the dionaea honeypot
–> Dionaea Honeypot - github <–

BTLE packet sniffer based on HACKRF (function and performance similar to TI’s packet sniffer)
–> BTLE Sniffer - github <–

A BLE scanner for “smart” devices hacking
–> BLE Scanner - github <–

Syscall Monitor is a system monitor program (like Sysinternal’s Process Monitor) using Intel VT-X/EPT for Windows7+
–> Syscall Monitor - github <–

Seamlessly spy on SSH session like it is your tty
–> SSH Pry Spy - github <–

Blind SQL injection exploitation tool written in ruby.
–> Blind SQL Injection Tool - github <–

Kali Linux 2017.2 Release
–> Kali Linux 2017.2 Release - Kali <–

WinDbg Preview
–> WinDbg Preview - Microsoft <–

A framework to study Exploit Kits
–> EKFiddle - github <–

Talks & Knowledge

Signature scheme submitted to NIST’s Post-Quantum Cryptography Project
–> Prune Horst - ASDF <–

XXE Payloads
–> XXE Payloads - github <–

APT33: Researchers Expose Iranian Hacking Group Linked to Destructive Malware
–> APT33 - The Hacker News <–

–> Intel ME - <–

SecureAuth to Merge with Core Security
–> Company Merge - DarkReading <–

Infrared Cameras Allow Hackers to Jump Air Gaps
–> Jump Air Gaps using Infrared - SecurityWeek <–

Important Information on New EU Regulations
–> EU Regulations - InfoSecurity Magazine <–

ISPs May Be Helping Hackers to Infect you with FinFisher Spyware
–> FinFisher - The Hacker News <–

Deloitte hit by cyber-attack revealing clients’ secret emails
–> Deloitte hacked - The Guardian <–

PassGAN: Password Cracking Using Machine Learning
–> PassGAN - DarkReading <–

Biometrics and Smartphones
–> Biometrics and Smartphones - Collin Mulliner <–

Verizon Hit by Another Amazon S3 Leak
–> Amazon S3 Leak (again) - Info Security <–

Hijacking .NET to Defend PowerShell
–> Hijacking .NET - Amanda Rousseau <–

Kali Knowledge
–> Kali Knowledge - <–


Joomla! 3.7.5 - Takeover in 20 Seconds with LDAP Injection
–> Joomla Security Hole - RIPSTech <–

Crystal Finance Millennium used to spread malware
–> Crystal Finance Webpage hacked - Blaze’s Security Blog <–

LeakyX the vulnerability that Apple and Microsoft has known about for years
–> LeakyX - Litwin <–

Android-App Go Keyboard soll Nutzer ausspionieren
–> Android-App Go Keyboard Spyware - Heise Security <–

Ransomware or Wiper? RedBoot Encrypts Files but also Modifies Partition Table
–> RedBoot - Bleeping Computer <–

ZNIU: First Android Malware to Exploit Dirty COW Vulnerability
–> Dirty COW Vuln on Android - TrendMicro <–

Broadcom: OOB write when handling 802.11k Neighbor Report Response
–> Broadcom Vuln on iPhone - Project Zero <–