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All mentioned security tools can be found here:


Keybase launches encrypted git
–> Keybase launches encrypted git - <–

USB Canary v2.0.0 is officially been released with OSX support!
–> USB Canary - github <–

Auto Scanning to SSL Vulnerability
–> a2sv - github <–

A virtual host scanner that performs reverse lookups, can be used with pivot tools, detect catch-all scenarios, aliases and dynamic default pages.
–> VHostScan - github <–

USB Key Cleaner: CIRCLean
–> CirClean - <–

.NET debugger and assembly editor
–> dnSpy - github <–

CapLoader is designed to simplify complex tasks, such as digging through gigabytes of PCAP data looking for traffic that sticks out or shouldn’t be there
–> CapLoader 1.6 released - NetReSec <–

jSQL Injection is a Java application for automatic SQL database injection.
–> jsq-injection - github <–

The aim of Wordsmith is to assist with creating tailored wordlists. This is mostly based on geolocation.
–> wordsmith - github <–

Official Black Hat Arsenal Security Tools Repository
–> Black Hat Arsenal Tools - github <–

Talks & Knowledge

Android Reverse Engineering tools - Not the Usual Suspects
–> Fortinet / Axelle Apvrile - Virusbulletin <–

Bypassing Intel Boot Guard
–> Bypassing Intel Boot Guard - EMBEDI <–

MetaTwin – Borrowing Microsoft Metadata and Digital Signatures to “Hide” Binaries
–> MetaTwin - Threat Express <–


CVE-2017-12617 Apache TomCat PoC
–> CVE-2017-12617 Apache TomCat PoC - github <–

Apache Tomcat < 9.0.1 (Beta) / < 8.5.23 / < 8.0.47 / < 7.0.8 - JSP Upload Bypass / Remote Code Execution
–> CVE-2017-12617 Apache TomCat PoC - Exploit-DB <–

VPN logs helped unmask alleged ‘net stalker, say feds
–> PureVPN assisted investigation of suspect - The Register <–

New 4G, 5G Network Flaw ‘Worrisome’
–> New 4G, 5G Network Flaw ‘Worrisome’ - DarkReading <–

Disqus Discloses 2012 Breach Impacting 17 Million Users
–> Disqus Data Breach - SecurityWeek <–

Macro-less Code Exec in MSWord
–> Macro-less Code Exec in MSWord - SENSEPOST <–

Warning: Microsoft is using Cortana to read your private Skype conversations
–> Cortana reads your Skype conversations - betanews <–

The Absurdly Underestimated Dangers of CSV Injection
–> CSV Excel Import Attack - George Mauer <–