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All mentioned security tools can be found here:


Remote Desktop Protocol in Twisted Python
–> rdpy - github <–

Fast subdomains enumeration tool for penetration testers
–> Sublist3r - github <–

Unified & Consistent Whois API & Whois Parser System
–> WhoisXMLAPI - WhoisXMLAPI <–

DNSDB query scripts
–> dnsdb-query - github <–

Iris Investigation Platform
–> Iris - Domaintools <–

Scalable, Open Source and Free Security Incident Response Solutions
–> TheHive Project - TheHive Project <–

Yalda, Automated Bulk Intelligence
–> yalda - github <–

Fuck Off As A Service
–> FOAAS - <–

Snifflab: An environment for testing mobile devices
–> Snifflab - Open Effect <–

Binary Ninja Plugins
–> Binary Ninja Plugins - github <–

Talks & Knowledge

Firefox - settings cookie via DOMParser
–> settings cookie via DOMParser - InsertScript Blog <–

Deny All - Application Whitelisting on Mac and Windows
–> Application Whitelisting - VGRSEC <–

ARM assembly basics cheatsheet
–> ARM assembly basics cheatsheet - Azeria-Labs <–

CIF is a cyber threat intelligence management system
–> CIFv3 - github <–

New OWASP Top 10 List Includes Three New Web Vulns
–> New OWASP Top 10 List - OWASP <–

ARMv8 Shellcodes from ‘A’ to ‘Z’
–> ARMv8 Shellcodes from ‘A’ to ‘Z’ - <–

A collection of resources for linux reverse engineering
–> linux-re-101 - github <–

INTEL-SA-00086 Security Bulletin for Intel Management Engine (ME) and Advanced Management Technology (AMT) Vulnerabilities: What You Need To Know
–> INTEL-SA-00086 vulnerabilities? What’s Up? - Rapid 7 <–


New Vulnerability Exploits Antivirus Programs to Install Malware
–> AV as Malware Installer - HackRead <–

New Banking Trojan Similar to Dridex, Zeus, Gozi
–> Second Stage infection through Emotet Trojan - DarkReading <–

Remote Code Execution in CouchDB
–> RCE in CouchDB - Max Justicz <–

Amazon Echo and Google Home Devices Vulnerable to BlueBorne Attack
–> BlueBorne Attack at Amazon Echo and Google Home Devices - HackRead <–

Windows 8 and later fail to properly randomize every application if system-wide mandatory ASLR is enabled via EMET or Windows Defender Exploit Guard
–> Vulnerability Note VU#817544 - CERT <–

Intel® Management Engine Critical Firmware Update (Intel SA-00086)
–> Intel SA-00086 - INTEL <–

K21905460: BIG-IP SSL vulnerability CVE-2017-6168
–> CVE-2017-6168 - F5 <–