Slacker Update

I’m back. Vacation, Mimimi (flu) and work took their toll. Sorry for the long delay, but sometimes things are not working as planned.
The name of this post, is a reference to a twitter post from @alech ;)

Let us start with something completely different…

Security Tools Database

After a year of weekly security foo posts, the collection of tools I mentioned, has grown to over 100. To get a better overview, I’ve build a small sqlite database, which will be available soon for you all on github.

I will update it every time I publish a new security fuu post.

Here are some technical information of the sqlite database for you:

CREATE TABLE "security_tools" (
	`description`	TEXT,
	`category`	TEXT,
	`name`	TEXT,
	`source`	TEXT,
	`url`	TEXT,
	`postdate`	TEXT,
	`updated`	TEXT,
	`post_type`	TEXT

Weekly Security Fuu

Starting from 31th of january 2018, my weekly postings will be back.

But there will be some minor changes in the near future to them!

Things like spectre, meltdown or similar security fuckups are covered good enough through the mainstream media. I will mention them probably once, but after this, not anymore.

Beside of that, I’ve switched to jekyll 3 and they really should update their documentation for the pagination plugin.