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All mentioned security tools can be found here:


DDoS attack tool for sending forged UDP packets to vulnerable Memcached servers obtained using Shodan API
–> Memcrashed-DDoS-Exploit - github <–

Abusing Certificate Transparency logs for getting HTTPS websites subdomains.
–> ctfr - github <–

This directory contains packet capture files of injections seen in the Bad Traffic Citizen Lab report.
–> PCAP Bad Traffic Citizen Lab Report - github <–

A process scanner detecting and dumping hollowed PE modules.
–> hollows_hunter - github <–

A bunch of links related to Linux kernel exploitation
–> linux-kernel-exploitation - github <–

The Guppy Proxy (GUI Pappy)
–> guppy-proxy - github <–

Talks & Knowledge

AI & ML in Cyber Security - Why Algorithms Are Dangerous
–> AI & ML in Cyber Security - SlideShare <–

MOSQUITO Attack Allows Air-Gapped Computers to Covertly Exchange Data
–> MOSQUITO Attack - The Hacker News <–

Defense in Depth: Detonation Technologies
–> Defense in Depth - InQuest <–

Sandvine’s PacketLogic Devices Used to Deploy Government Spyware in Turkey and Redirect Egyptian Users to Affiliate Ads?
–> Bad Traffic - The Citizen Lab <–


Update Samba Servers Immediately to Patch Password Reset and DoS Vulnerabilities
–> CVE-2018-1050/CVE-2018-1057 - The Hacker News <–

How your ethereum can be stolen through DNS rebinding
–> Stealing Ethereum through DNS rebinding - ret2got <–