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All mentioned security tools can be found here:

Tools has been updated
–> 2.9.5-5 - packet storm <–

CVE-2018-0886 PoC
–> credssp - github <–

Web Service Security Assessment Tool: WSSAT
–> WSSAT - n0where <–

A Static Analysis Tool for Detecting Security Vulnerabilities in Python Web Applications
–> pyt - github <–

This module analyzes malware droppers in Office documents, VB scripts or Javascript files
–> cutthecrap - github <–

Pure Python parser and analyzer for IDA Pro database files (.idb)
–> python-idb - github <–

Home of Brida - Advanced mobile penetration testing with Brida – Slides, Talk, HowTo, everything
–> Brida - MediaService <–

An open source toolchain for the Hexagon DSP based off LLVM and MCLinker
–> openhexagon - github <–

Multithreaded drupalgeddon2 scanner
–> Drupalgeddon2_scanner - github <–

Commandline tool for searching github
–> githubtool - github <–

A little toolbox to play with Microsoft Kerberos in C
–> kekeo - github <–

An IDA Pro script for creating a clearer idb for nymaim malware
–> easy_way_nymaim - github <–

This tool aim to provide a collaborative malware analysis framework
–> polichombr - github <–

Talks & Knowledge

Securing the Digital World: Intel Announces Silicon-Level Security Technologies, Industry Adoption at RSA 2018
–> Using GPU for malware scanning - Intel <–

RPZ - Response Policy Zones can turn your DNS into an additional firewall layer for your network security.
–> RPZ Response Policy Zones - CleanBrowsing <–

Where can I find sample packet captures?
–> Sample packet captures - CloudShark Blog <–

Building a simple Proxy Fuzzer for the MQTT protocol using the Polymorph framework
–> Building a Proxy Fuzzer for MQTT with Polymorph Framework - Exploit-DB <–

SDR (Software Defined Radio) » osmo-fl2k
–> osmo-fl2k - osmocom <–

Cybersecurity Buzz Phrase Bingo Hint Cyber Cyber Hint
–> CyberBingo - DarkReading <–

The “unpatchable” exploit that makes every current Nintendo Switch hackable
–> Nintendo Switch exploit - arsTECHNICA <–

Automatic Heap Layout Manipulation for Exploitation
–> Automatic Heap Layout Manipulation for Exploitation - <–

A bunch of Red Pills: VMware Escapes
–> VMware Escapes - Keen Security Lab Blog <–

–> Infrastructure of APT Group Crouching Yeti Uncovered - Kaspersky <–

Exploiting CVE-2018-1038 - Total Meltdown
–> Total Meltdown - xpnsec <–


New ‘Early Bird’ Code Injection Technique Helps APT33 Evade Detection
–> APT33 News - threat post <–

It’s Time to Take GitHub Threats Seriously
–> GitHub Threats - DarkReading <–

Trustjacking: iTunes’ Wi-Fi Sync Feature Vulnerable to Exploitation
–> Trustjacking - HackRead <–

Bypassing AV using decrypted source, compiling it in memory and later on, executing it from there
–> AV Bypassing using decrypt,make,run - Twitter/MalwareHunterTeam <–

New ransomware unable to restore files it encrypted
–> Trojan.Encoder.25129 - E Hacking News <–

Running system commands through Nvidia signed binaries
–> Running system commands through Nvidia signed binaries - Systems Engineering <–

Zero-day vulnerability in Internet Explorer discovered
–> 0-Day Vuln in IE - E Hacking News <–