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All mentioned security tools can be found here:


Wireshark GeoIP resolution setup V2.0 and CMD Line Tool mmdbresolve
–> Wireshark 2.6 - <–

Pop shells like a master
–> ShellPop - github <–

Tool for automatic exploitation of XXE vulnerability using direct and different out of band methods
–> XXEinjector - github <–

Drupal enumeration & exploitation tool
–> drupwn - github <–

Talks & Knowledge

There’s a Hole in Your Umbrella
–> Evaluating threat-blocking DNS provider coverage - <–

Trimarc Research: Detecting Password Spraying with Security Event Auditing
–> Trimarc Research: Detecting Password Spraying - TRIMARC <–


NTLM Credentials Theft via PDF Files
–> NTLM Credentials Theft via PDF Files - Checkpoint <–

Microsoft Adds Support for JavaScript Functions in Excel
–> JavaScript in Excel - BleepingComputer <–

Lenovo patches arbitrary code execution flaw
–> CVE-2017-3775 / CVE-2018-9063 - ThreatPost <–

Equifax reveals full horror of that monstrous cyber-heist of its servers
–> Equifax cyber-heist details - TheRegister <–

First-Ever Ransomware Found Using ‘Process Doppelgänging’ Attack to Evade Detection
–> Ransomware Found Using ‘Process Doppelgänging’ - The Hacker News <–