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All mentioned security tools can be found here:


WxTCmd is a parser for the new Windows 10 Timeline feature database
–> WxTCmd - Forensic Blogs <–

DARKSURGEON is a Windows packer project to empower incident response, digital forensics, malware analysis, and network defense
–> DARKSURGEON - github <–

Tool written in python3 to determine where the AV signature is located in a binary/payload
–> AVSignSeek - github <–

Cross Architecture Shellcode in C
–> xarch_shellcode - github <–

A POSIX-compliant, fully automated WPA PSK handshake capture script aimed at penetration testing
–> airbash - github <–

Talks & Knowledge

Find Evil – Know Normal
–> KnowHow Poster - SANS <–

POP SS/MOV SS Vulnerability
–> POP SS/MOV SS Vulnerability - everdox <–

–> UAC-0day-All-Day - github / DefCon 25 <–


Backdoor in ssh-decorator package
–> Backdoor in ssh-decorator package - Reddit <–

DHCP Client Script Code Execution Vulnerability - CVE-2018-1111
–> CVE-2018-1111 - RedHat <–

Attackers use UPNP to sidestep DDoS defenses
–> UPNP sidestep DDoS defense - Threat Post <–

PRB-Backdoor - A Fully Loaded PowerShell Backdoor with Evil Intentions
–> PRB-Backdoor - Security 0wnage <–