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All mentioned security tools can be found here:


Robber is open source tool for finding executables prone to DLL hijacking
–> Robber - <–

Privates, verschlüsseltes Austauschen von Dateien
–> Send Firefox Test Pilot - <–

Nano is a family of PHP web shells which are code golfed for stealth
–> nano - github <–

A collection of Burpsuite Intruder payloads, fuzz lists and file uploads
–> IntruderPayloads - github <–

GyoiThon - A Growing Penetration Test Tool Using Machine Learning
–> gyoithon - kitploit <–

Collect NTFS forensic information with osquery
–> osquery - Trail of Bits Blog <–

Talks & Knowledge

“Patch” Windows Server to get multi admin rdp…
–> mimikatz - github <–

Gain a better understanding of user roles and entitlements
–> Visual Identity Suite - CORE Security <–

Data Exfiltration via Formula Injection
–> Data Exfiltration via Formula Injection - Not so Secure <–

A curated list of resources (books, tutorials, courses, tools and vulnerable applications) for learning about Exploit Development
–> awesome-exploit-development - github <–


Spectre, what else ;)