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All mentioned security tools can be found here:


Prints out malicious Powershell events that have a crossproc event for c:\windows\system32\lsass.exe
–> - github <–

A tool mainly to erase specified records from Windows event logs, with additional functionalities
–> EventCleaner - github <–

Talks & Knowledge

A curated list of awesome Security Hardening techniques for Windows
–> awesome-windows-domain-hardening - github <–

Top HTTP Security Headers and How to Deploy Them
–> HTTP Security Headers - Templarbit <–

XSS protection disappears from Microsoft Edge
–> XSS Protection removed from Edge - The Daily Swig <–

Google launches its own USB-based FIDO U2F Keys
–> Titan Security Keys - The Hacker News <–

Hackers attack Russian bank to steal $1m using an outdated router
–> $1m Hack using outdated router - Hack Read <–

Function New-LabNCSI configures a server as IIS and DNS to support Network Connectivity Status Indicator (NCSI) scenarios for lab environments
–> New-LabNCSI - github <–

A collection of The Morning Paper posts relating to containers, operating systems etc
–> acolyer - github <–

The Road to QUIC
–> The Road to QUIC - Blog Cloudflare <–

Offensive Web Testing Framework
–> OWTF v2.4 - kitploit <–

PCAP Split and Merge
–> PCAP Split and Merge - <–


iPhone Hacking Campaign Using MDM Software Is Broader Than Previously Known
–> iPhone MDM Hacking Campaign - The Hacker News <–

Intel Xeon workhorses boot evil maids out of the hotel: USB-based spying thwarted by fix
–> CVE-2018-3652 - The Register <–

Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter 2 Command Injection / Broken Access Control
–> CVE-2018-8306 - packet storm security <–

PowerShell Inside a Certificate?
–> PowerShell Inside a Certificate? - NVISO Labs <–