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All mentioned security tools can be found here:


Extract stored credentials from Internet Explorer and Edge
–> credgrap_ie_edge - github <–

VivienneVMM is a stealthy debugging framework implemented via an Intel VT-x hypervisor
–> VivienneVMM - github <–

SensePost’s modified hostapd for wifi attacks.
–> hostapd-mana - github <–

Powershell Script To Setup Windows Port Forwarding Using Native Netsh Client
–> Win-PortFwd - KitPloit <–

Talks & Knowledge

A Linux Auditd rule set mapped to MITRE’s Attack Framework
–> auditd-attack - github <–

Security in plaintext: use Shielded VMs to harden your GCP workloads
–> Shielded VMs - Google Cloud <–


Linux Kernel TCP implementation vulnerable to Denial of Service
–> CVE-2018-5390 - <–