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Talks & Knowledge

Iptables Essentials: Common Firewall Rules and Commands
–> iptables-essentials - github <–

Quoteless Javascript Injections
–> Quoteless XSS - Brute XSS <–

Cloudflare goes InterPlanetary - Introducing Cloudflare’s IPFS Gateway
–> IPFS Gateway - Cloudflare Blog <–

[MS-SHLLINK]: Shell Link (.LNK) Binary File Format
–> .LNK Bin File Format - Microsoft <–

Detecting Kernel Memory Disclosure – Whitepaper
–> Detecting Kernel Memory Disclosure - Google Project Zero <–


Xbash Combines Botnet, Ransomware, Coinmining in Worm that Targets Linux and Windows
–> Xbash malware - paloalto <–

“Lawful intercept” Pegasus spyware found deployed in 45 countries
–> Pegasus spyware - ZDNet <–

MongoDB server leaks 11 million user records from e-marketing service
–> MongoDB leak - ZDNet <–

EternalBlue-Vulnerable Systems Serially Infected
–> EternalBlue Infections - Security Week <–

Camubot malware camouflaged as bank security app to steal credentials/
–> Camubot malware - HackRead <–