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All mentioned security tools can be found here:


Faraday is a tool that introduces a new concept called IPE, or Integrated Penetration-Test Environment
–> Faraday - packet storm <–

1-Click push forensics evidence to the cloud
–> GiftStick - github <–

Mirror of the Glasgow Haskell Compiler
–> ghc - github <–

Talks & Knowledge

Infobrief Recht 10/2018
–> Infobrief Recht 10/2018 - DFN <–


Hacker Discloses New Windows Zero-Day Exploit On Twitter
–> Sandbox Escaper - The Hacker News <–

–> CVE-2018-17446 - VulDB <–

Signal Desktop Leaves Message Decryption Key in Plain Sight
–> Signal Desktop failure - BleepingComputer <–

Three New DDE Obfuscation Methods
–> DDE Obfuscation Methods - ReversingLabs <–

Microsoft Windows 10 UAC Bypass By computerDefault
–> Win 10 UAC Bypass - CXSecurity <–