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All mentioned security tools can be found here:


out-of-tree kernel {module, exploit} development tool
–> out-of-tree - github <–

Cisco Config Analysis Tool
–> ccat - github <–

Magnificent app which corrects your previous console command
–> thefuck - github <–

n-Depth DNS Enumeration and Network Mapping
–> Amass - github <–

This is the main repository for metasm, a free assembler / disassembler / compiler written in ruby
–> metasm - github <–

People tracker on the Internet: OSINT analysis and research tool
–> trape - github <–

The Memory Process File System
–> MemProcFS - github <–

Secure and fast microVMs for serverless computing
–> firecracker - github <–

Talks & Knowledge

Linux Kernel Exploitation link list
–> linux-kernel-exploitation - github <–

Malware Anti-Forensics
–> Malware Anti-Forensics - BlackstormSecurity <–

W32.Magik (A) - world’s first EPO virus using CFG and CFG Bitmap for encoding
–> MAGIK.A - github <–


Linux Kernel CVE-2018-16862 Local Security Bypass Vulnerability
–> CVE-2018-16862 - SecurityFocus <–

Rogue Developer Infects Widely Used NodeJS Module to Steal Bitcoins
–> Infected Event-Stream NodeJS Lib - TheHackerNews <–