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All mentioned security tools can be found here:


IDC script for decrypting strings in the GandCrab v5.1-5.3
–> gandcrab_string_decryptor - github <–

Ghidra Program Analysis Library
–> GhidraPAL - github <–

A proof-of-concept rule that shows how easy it actually is to detect red teamer and threat group tools and code
–> IDDQD_Godmode_Rule - github <–

Necrobrowser is browser instrumentation for necromantic session control
–> necrobrowser - github <–

Muraena is an almost-transparent reverse proxy aimed at automating phishing and post-phishing activities
–> muraena - github <–

Plugin for Ghidra to assist reversing Golang binaries
–> gotools - github <–

Talks & Knowledge

Analysis of an IRC based Botnet
–> Analysis of an IRC based Botnet - Stratosphere IPS <–

Carbanak source code leak: What’s next?
–> Carbanak source code leak - Kaspersky <–

Microsoft recommended block rules
–> block rules - Microsoft <–


BLIND SSRF in * due to Sentry Misconfiguration
–> Blind SSRF - Medium <–

Fxmsp Chat Logs Reveal the Hacked Antivirus Vendors, AVs Respond
–> Fxmsp Hack - BleepingComputer <–

Linux Kernel Flaw Allows Remote Code-Execution
–> CVE-2019-11815 - ThreatPost <–

Flaw Affecting Millions of Cisco Devices Let Attackers Implant Persistent Backdoor
–> CVE-2019-1649 / CVE-2019-1862 - The Hacker News <–